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Jay Tracey

Jay is a Money Advice Caseworker at GL Communities.

Jay joined GL Communities in October 2020.

Jay has worked within the charity sector in financial capacity using skills and knowledge not only for the organisation but directly with clients who may have been left vulnerable, experience with issues relating to Domestic Violence and Homelessness, working within neighbourhood projects supporting the community by identifying individual needs,  forming relationships with other organisations to help clients achieve their goals.

Jay is dedicated to helping others succeed by supporting and empowering clients.

Staff details

  • Locations

  • Experience

    • Business & Client Finance
    • Communication
    • Volunteer Support
    • Fundraising
  • Interests

    • Walking her dogs
    • Cooking
    • Football
    • Spending time with her grandson
Advice & Resource Centre, Norbury Avenue
01452 505544

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