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Turn Blue Monday Orange With Support From Debt Free South West

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Justine Tatt

Today is Blue Monday, but you don’t have to feel blue as Debt Free South West are available to support anyone struggling with their finances and respond to the unfolding crisis as growing numbers of people in the South West face problem debt and financial insecurity due to Covid-19.

January is typically the busiest time for debt advice providers, and it is anticipated that even more people will require advice and support this month due to the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Monday 18th January 2020, termed Blue Monday, highlights the difficulty this time of year presents for money worries as bills for Christmas spending come through and an early pay day in December means having to stetch December’s income further as a result. Added to this, those in debt or in personal difficulty are more likely to be at risk of poor mental health than people who have no debt.

Debt Free South West has recently recruited 14 new advisers to provide debt advice to support with the increase in the need for debt advice across the region and have availability to support anyone struggling with money worries this New Year.

The expansion of the team supports national research by Turn2Us that highlights one in three people (34%) have had to use some form of debt to get by since March 2020. Additionally, more than one in ten people (12%) have resorted to missing a bill or debt repayment since March. Before the pandemic only 3% of people were falling behind with credit payments.

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Each year we see that people’s finances are hardest hit in January due to recovering from festive spending, delays in benefit payments, the longer wait between pay checks as well increased energy costs. This can force people to go without essentials or push them towards short-term high cost borrowing just to avoid falling behind on their bills, rent or council tax. This year, with the financial and health effects of a third lockdown, January could be worse than ever for families struggling to make ends meet.

Drew Huskisson, Debt Free South West Project Manager

Anyone across Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire, North and South Somerset facing financial pressures can access Debt Free South West for support and advice with all types of money worries - from rent and council tax arrears, to credit card and catalogue debt. If you or someone you know needs debt advice go to or contact us by phone, WhatsApp or text message on 0800 138 3422.


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