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Applying my skill set in a new sector

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Blog by Vanessa Shander

When I was looking for a role at the beginning of 2020 that I could transfer my soft skills to I never thought that the Debt sector would be the direction I found myself following.

The results from the emerging pandemic have presented challenges for many within the administration field. This having now resulted with me having the opportunity to work from home as an Advice Assistant for Debt Free London.

I believe that many organisations across a range of sectors are now seriously considering how these roles can be introduced and embedded in their futures. The unfortunate COVID-19 setting has only focused more strongly the business minds to introduce these roles more rapidly and for the long term.

What might be the potential benefits of such a ‘C’ change?

Benefits are numerous – if thinking outside the box, you will definitely entice individuals with qualities and potential that will allow them to blossom in this environment, whereas this might not be the case within the confines of a formal office.

This can allow some individuals to be more objective, creative and thus resulting in them being more productive for the company whilst feeling immersed and reassured in their own home environment.

On the flip side of this, you may find individuals that may not be suited to work from home because they prefer the competitive edge of working within an office team.

That said I am one of those that are blossoming in this environment. I find myself being drawn into discussions on areas of the business that I can add both mature advice and clarity too. Whilst at the same time feeling confident to express and share my opinion freely within my virtual group and my line managers.

In the past, I have spent several years working as a lone worker from home providing a service in similar respects within the care industry. My view of this has further strengthened as I now find myself working within a well-supported team, which allows me to enjoy the interaction within the group.

This is a new role to me, and one that I am finding absorbing, interesting and most of all rewarding when providing positive results for our clients.

Debt Free London have given me the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to interact with our clients so that they get the best results from our service.

I am fortunate to have an experienced CEO and a great leadership team who believe in the value of personal and professional development.